Moments of mindfulness

Mindfulness.  I don’t know about you, but the idea of mindfulness always conjures for me the image of a svelte young woman with perfect skin, sitting in the lotus position under a tree.  She’ll be dressed in yoga pants and top because, of course, the sun is shining, and she’s listening to the birds sing, being present in the moment, meditating on the meaing of bliss….mmmmm.

The idea makes me laugh.  Mindfulness is one thing I am definitely trying these days, but the idea of a curvy cupcake baker wearing yoga outfits, trying to sit cross legged, never mind in some kind of pose that looks like sheer agony is laughable!  Plus, I’d never hear the birds over the racket my three smallish children would be making in the background.

I’m still trying though, and what I have found is that mindfulness isn’t about achieving that state of peaceful bliss.  it really is about being present in the moment, whatever that moment is, whether it’s in an office, a coffee shop, or in my case, hearing my children scream at each other (my daughter is doing her Terrible Twos in style!).  Any moment can be mindful, and it really can just be a moment.  I’m trying to spend a few seconds throughout the day being mindful, in theory, during each new “scene”.  As a busy mum, I don’t tend to sit down during the day, unless its working at my laptop, and even then, that’s mainly done in the evenings.  Everyone is busy these days; time is gifted to the young, and like everything, you don’t realise how much free time you have until you have less of it!  it’s really hard to squeeze in time to be mindful, meditate, savour the moment.  but it really can be just a moment, anywhere, no matter what you’re doing.  Try it.  A few seconds.  In the shower, over breakfast, in the car on your way to work, on your lunch break, on the school run.  Notice the details of your life, however unimportant they seem. Notice what you have in your life that may seem like nothing.


Lying in bed this morning, I tried it for a few seconds.  I could hear the two boys arguing over who got to choose what to watch on tv while they had breakfast, my little girl heard them and started shouting to be let out of her cot, and my husband continued to snore loudly beside me.  Yes, sometimes mindfulness can lead you to an overwhelming ability to smother certain people with a pillow.  But I realised in those few seconds that I could be like so many other women, waking up alone, with no fighting children and no snoring husband that they crave, that I had craved for so long.  I could see the sunshine round the edge of the curtains that gave me hope for some blues skies which we have been lacking this grey wintertime in the UK, I could feel that lovely warm cocoon-like feeling of the duvet and my husband’s arms round me, and despite the yelling and arguing and snoring, I could even hear the birds outside with no need for any kind of position other than snuggled up.

Where can you find your moments?


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